How should I store my HeadLamp 750 when I'm not using it?

750 lumens makes for a BRIGHT light! Because of this, we need to take some extra care when we're storing (and using) this HeadLamp.


When not in use, be sure to place your HeadLamp 750 in Locked Mode -- this means that the unit won't accidentally turn on in your pocket, sleeping bag, or backpack. 


Locking your HeadLamp 750 is simple: just press and hold the power button for roughly 8 seconds. The light will flash twice to let you know that it's been locked. Now, if the button gets pressed, the light will stay off. To unlock your HeadLamp 750, simply press and hold the power button again for 8 seconds. It'll flash once to signify it's been unlocked, and you'll be able to cycle through the lighting modes once again.

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