How can I have a smoke-free experience with my Firepit?


Here are some tips to ensure a smokeless experience;


- It's important to make sure the fan turns on and that air is coming out of the jets in the air tubes. After that, the rest is up to your fire-building skills!

When building your fire, please follow these steps:

1. Start by using tinder and kindling to ignite your fire.

2. Once you have a good flame going, you can turn the fan on low.

3. Gradually add slightly bigger pieces of wood to build up a nice base, and then increase the fan speed to level 2.

4. When you have a strong and hot base with plenty of visible flames, you can start adding larger pieces of wood and increase the fan speed accordingly.

5. It's important to allow the jets to do their job, so make sure your fuel is arranged in a way that allows the forced air to flow through it. Also, ensure no fuel is positioned above the upper jet tubes.

6. Lastly, using dry hardwoods for fuel works best. To burn off smoke, you'll need visible flames.


**Keep in mind that wet fuel and foods can cause smoke. Also, you want to avoid letting burning fuel come into contact with the X-ray mesh. When burning fuel touches the colder mesh, it can produce smoke. Just something to keep in mind!


If you're looking for additional guidance, you might find this video helpful:



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