There's some rust on my FirePit. How can I clean it?

When metal surfaces like the FirePit's burn chamber are exposed to extreme heat and a bit of moisture, it's natural for some rust to occur over time.


We're here to tell you not to worry -- that some rusting on the burn chamber won't affect the structural integrity or the function of your FirePit. Here's the good news: if you're concerned with the cosmetic appearance of your FirePit, there are some quick solutions to get your FirePit back to that brand-new look and feel.


1. Take a scrub brush and a gentle solution of vinegar and water, and scrub any areas with rust.

2. Wipe down the burn chamber.

3. Re-coat these areas with some high-temperature black paint.

4. Voila! Your FirePit should look brand new.


Now that your FirePit is sparkly clean again, how can you protect it from rust in the future? We recommend two simple things:


1. Wipe down your FirePit after each use

2. Store your FirePit in a cool, dry, covered place where it won't be exposed to a lot of moisture.

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