Brexit Shipping Update

If you're placing an order on our UK site, Brexit has temporarily disrupted our normal operations. Here's what to expect:

Longer fulfillment and delivery times - Your order can take up to 2 weeks to ship and up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door.

VAT charges upon delivery – Normally, you would never be charged any additional fees or duties after placing your order online. Unfortunately, this is something happening with new Brexit regulations. Shipping carriers are collecting delivery fees from our customers upon delivery. We are happy to refund you any additional costs that you incur in order to receive your order. This refund will be issued to the original payment method used to place your order. Please contact our support team with your receipt of payment.
We're thrilled that you've placed an order with us, and we'll work hard to get that new BioLite gear into your hands as quickly as possible. Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions or concerns.

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