The SolarHome 620+ Instruction Manual mentions "Expandability." What does that mean and is that available to me as an Outdoor Recreation Customer?

No, expandability is not currently available to outdoor recreation customers. As a crossover product, the SolarHome 620+ was designed for use predominantly among off-grid households across sub-Saharan Africa. In 2020 our product range in local emerging markets expanded to include a larger solar home solution that can be paired with SolarHome 620+ for more power, light, and solar TV (you can read about it in our 2020 Impact Report). The technical specifications of this product are unique to the local market and the mention of expandability in our universal Instruction Manual is in reference to this region-specific offering.

For our outdoor customers seeking larger solar and power solutions, we encourage you to check out the Basecharge 600, 1500, and SolarPanel 100.

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