BaseCharge 1500 Product Guide

Before You Get Started

Welcome to your new BaseCharge 1500! This page will get you help you get up and running with your BaseCharge. Before you dive in, make sure you:

  1. Charge your device to 100%. This helps condition the battery.
  2. Register your BaseCharge to activate your warranty. Your unit comes with a standard 2-year warranty so registering ensures your serial number is captured in our system for any potential warranty claims.

Watch Instructional Video

  • 0:21 Quickstart
  • 1:08 Product Overview
  • 3:06 Charging Devices
  • 4:57 Using the Easy Read Smart Display
  • 7:37 Recharging the BaseCharge (including solar expansion)
  • 9:40 Maintenance and Care
  • 12:05 Basic Troubleshooting


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